Innovative Bamboo Bicycles – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Bamboo is an ideal material for lightweight and stiff wheels, the bamboo bicycles. A wheel made ​​of bamboo is not only unique and sustainable, it also convinces at a technical level. Our frames are excellent stiff and damp. The reason for this lies in the properties of the material. Bamboo is a natural fiber composite material. Artificial fiber composite materials include glass fiber, carbon fiber or reinforced concrete. These lightweight materials are made of high strength fibers embedded in a stabilizing mass (the matrix). In the case of carbon fiber composites, this is carbon fiber and epoxy resin. In the case of bamboo, these are the vascular bundles of bamboo embedded into the base fabric. Bamboo is a natural lightweight material. The ratio of elastic modulus to density of bamboo is similar to that of aluminum. Therefore, a bamboo frame with equal rigidity is about the same weight as an aluminum frame. However, the torsional stiffness in relation to aluminum is lower, which is reflected by a greater flexibility in the saddle. That is why bamboo is now also used in the frame construction. Bamboo has a specific rigidity, which corresponds to about one-tenth of steel, but also has only one-tenth of its density. The weight ob bamboo bicycles is about seven kilograms. A wheel with steel frame weighs about 14 kg in comparison. Here you can buy your own and individual bamboo bicycle.

The advantages of bamboo bicycles

  • The mass is partially less than that of aluminum.
  • Defects can be fixed very easily.
  • A corrosion protection is not required.

The disadvantages of bamboo bicycles

  • The processing is very difficult and usually entirely handmade.
  • There are no long-term experience available.
  • Bamboo is an organic material that is not homogeneous.
  • Bamboo is very sensitive to moisture.

As an avid cyclist, you should have a wheel that is tailored to you. If you want to build your own bike, you can ensure that it meets your personal needs and your tastes. To build bamboo bicycles can be much cheaper than to buy a new top wheel of a business, and in any case it will be much nicer. On the Internet there are numerous guides and workshops on this topic. Of course you can also buy a bamboo bike. The costs are very different here. So these special bikes are available from only a few hundred euros, with top models but you should already with many thousands of euros expected. In fact, the bamboo bike is a real interesting alternative to conventional bikes, especially you like something individual. For more information to build your own bamboo bicycle click here.

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